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Dec 2

I really think you can’t progress as a writer unless you read, and the ideal time to read is when you can read generously. It didn’t even occur to me that I could have a book of my own in the library someday. That’s how you should read.

- David Sedaris

Seven Rules For Tumblr Writers

1. Cut The Fat: No one wants to read a long, grueling post. If you want to be read, keep your posts skinny.

2. Make It Shiny: Tumblr is visual. Make your writing visual. Poetry is appealing- so are lists and pictures. No blocks of text!

3. Short Sentences Win: This is not the place for semicolons and lengthy sytax. Meet the dash- a great  informal solution.

4. Say Something: What are you giving your followers? Is it entertainment, information or something to relate to? Say Something. 

5. Title: Your title is your hook, your lead. Make it shout. Give it humor, an opinion, a bit of satire. Give it something.

6. Skinny Paragraphs:  Make your paragraphs short and frequent. Don’t be afraid of one-sentence paragraphs— They demand attention.

7. Features: Write for yourself. Don’t worry about intellects or the editor’s watchful eye. Write for you, the everyman. The features will come, and if they don’t- they’re missing something brilliant.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

- Earnest Hemingway

A Book Worm’s Valentine.

"What are you doing for valentines day?", my phone shivered with a probing  text, it was James, a friend/not-really-lover.


Yep- I’m spending Valentines with a cup of Chamomile tea, utterly alone, speed reading Miss Austen.

Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility: ah! a wide array of true romance; instead of muling over dinner and sifting through small talk i’ll be lounging in a giant grey t-shirt with Dear George Knightly.

"That’s pathetic", he responded.

No silly teenager, it isn’t- Valentines day is dedicated to  love; I love books, I love Mr Dashwood. I love relationships formed on breath taking dialogue not tongue-jabbing hookups, i love endless letters and pages of soliloquies!

So James, if you want to storm into my room  and recite an epic monologue extolling my virtues, i’ll gladly join you for dinner - otherwise, i’m stickin to Darcey :)

Four Simple Writing Tips

1) Less is More. People simply won’t read your work if it’s long; unless the sentence has an arguable purpose, cut it.

2) Be Cocky. Writing is all about ego; if you think you’re a good writer, chances are your work will turn out decent. Breath, Relax and do a little pump up dance- it’s just a pen and paper.

3) Write like yourself. Tumblr is filled with preteens trying to sound like 60 year old men; don’t dress your writing up, don’t stuff your words with complex syntax- you’re probably a pretty cool person under that cheesy metaphor.

4) Be Weird. People like odditys; What makes you different from the rest of the posts clogging your dashboard?

Classics That Don’t Make You Want To Kill Yourself

"The Dubliners" By James Joyce

If people hear you’re reading James Joyce they will automatically write you off as a dedicated bookworm with a highly sophisticated sense of literature; that’s  how brilliant he is. “The Dubliners” is a series of short stories that take place in  Ireland at the turn of the century. Brilliantly  crafted and emotionally stirring, this is an insanely famous  classic with stories ranging from four pages to short novellas. Pick it up every now and then and read one, you’ll be exposed to exceptional craftsmanship and gripping stories.

Length: About 314 pages
Published: 1914
Genre: Short Stories/Realism 
How should I read it: Get it on your phone (its free!) and read it instead of pretending to text someone in an awkward situation. They’re short enough to read on the bus, in the redbox line or just on a rainy afternoon.  Start with “Eveline” (i think its chapter 4) and finish with “The Dead”.
Why should I read it: James Joyce is a literature god, any english teacher will love you if you’ve read him.  This is a great way to be exposed to this amazing author as well as contemporary  classics. It’s also really, really good (and simple!)
One Sitting: No, you can probably get about three stories read in a row if you really try. But there so involved you’re going to want to take your time and think them over, not plow through it.
Where Can I Get It:
Free Audio:

Happy Reading :)