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My response to the criticism surrounding my last post "The Tumblr Education Tag Is A Symbol For Everything Wrong With Education". 

High School Students: submit, or write, a post and tag it under #education. What does your ideal school look like? How can we evaluate performance outside of GPAs? What makes a good teacher? What makes a bad teacher?

Let’s be in this discussion.

Seven Rules For Tumblr Writers

1. Cut The Fat: No one wants to read a long, grueling post. If you want to be read, keep your posts skinny.

2. Make It Shiny: Tumblr is visual. Make your writing visual. Poetry is appealing- so are lists and pictures. No blocks of text!

3. Short Sentences Win: This is not the place for semicolons and lengthy sytax. Meet the dash- a great  informal solution.

4. Say Something: What are you giving your followers? Is it entertainment, information or something to relate to? Say Something. 

5. Title: Your title is your hook, your lead. Make it shout. Give it humor, an opinion, a bit of satire. Give it something.

6. Skinny Paragraphs:  Make your paragraphs short and frequent. Don’t be afraid of one-sentence paragraphs— They demand attention.

7. Features: Write for yourself. Don’t worry about intellects or the editor’s watchful eye. Write for you, the everyman. The features will come, and if they don’t- they’re missing something brilliant.