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Dec 2

I really think you can’t progress as a writer unless you read, and the ideal time to read is when you can read generously. It didn’t even occur to me that I could have a book of my own in the library someday. That’s how you should read.

- David Sedaris

Teachers: Help?

I realize the last thing you want to do is proof a paper. However, I’m finishing up my cal state application and would love if someone could quickly proof my essay. 

Little known fact: i’m dyslexia. Writing, for me, is pretty difficult. Grammer and spelling- quite a challenge.

Send me your gmail- my email is and I’ll share it with you on google docs. You can leave comments directly on the paper.

Thanks Guys :)

This is also open to English majors and any other grammar nuts.

I’ll owe you a favor :)


I think
is anorexic.

She claims
it’s just
her bones. 

Sep 9

Just Discovered Dickinson’s 241- Not Sure How I Skimmed Over It.

I like a look of Agony,
Because I know it’s true
Men do not sham Convulsion,
Nor simulate, a Throe- 

The Eyes glaxe once- and that is Death-
Impossible to feign
The Beads upon the Forehead
By homely Anguish strung. 

By Emily Dickinson

Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head.,
And this our life, exempt from public haunt
Find tongues in trees, books in running brooks,.
Sermons in stones, and good in everything.

- As You Like It by WIlliam Shakespeare. This defines my summer.

Discovering Billy Collins.

I read An Introduction to Poetry my Sophomore year. It was the poem that shattered everything. All the years picking apart Shakespeare and creating wrinkles under Keats vanished with Collin’s beating hose.

I rember watching 4.0 students crush their eyebrows over the notion of not flipping through terms to classify verse. Where’s the trocheic iambic dactyl? What should I scribble on the margins if there’s no right answer?

But like everything in school- I left it after the test. 

Today, zooming through poetry. org, i found The Reverant, then Flock and Sonnet and Nostalgia and  Marginalia and Taking off Emly Dickinson’s Clothes

Ice cold water and peanuts. Brilliant peices. So brilliant. I read him, i did, I sat in a desk and read him. But I didn’t know him. I didn’t hold enough curiosity to whip a connection and wiki stalk his recitations. I didn’t have the  zeal to sprint to the library and clear his humble shelf.

I think if that teacher, the one who showed me An Introduction to Poetry, had shown me those  peices i wouldn’t have drooled and squirmed. I would’ve emerged  from my usual slumped position, read the peices, carfully guarding my expression to disguise my interest- and stuffed them into a decrepit binder.

I would’ve tossed them at the end of the year with the rest of my crumpled homework.

Jul 9

Droll thing life is- that mysterious arrangement of merciless logic for a futile purpose. The most you can hope from it is some knowledge of yourself.. a crop of inextinguishable regrets.

- Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad