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Jun 1

"You’re So Pretty": The Worst Compliment You Can Give Me.

I just went through a break up. It should be noted that I’m 17, so it wasn’t serious or anything parallel to an adult relationship.

I’m not one to sniff out sympathy, and i didn’t. But the word leaked to the high school network and soon i was flooded with texts and voicemails. 

these messages professed the usual break-up condolences: there’s other fish in the sea, if it wasn’t meant to work it wasn’t met to work-  the usual.

But one thing everyone said really irked me: “You’re so Pretty, he’s missing out”

This compliment doesn’t pertain to my looks, which aren’t exceptional,  but attempts to cheer me. This is so ingrained in teen culture, condolences concerning  looks are considered the highest compliment- the ultimate cheerer upper.

They aren’t. They should be considered an insult.

Is there nothing eles you see in me worth flattery? Why not talk about the millions of projects i have and how they  will fill the “hole”? Or how this will narrow my focus? OR ANY OTHER SKILL I HAVE?

If your trying to make me feel better butter my intellect. Compliment my writing or my voice or something i have worked to earn.

I’m just sick of the value placed on appearances. Maybe I’m an idealist- but i truly believe intrinsic values prevail over looks. 

So don’t call me pretty.