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The Tumblr Education Tag Is A Symbol For Everything Wrong With Education.

Teachers dominate education. Discussions about learning are left to school boards, goverment, unhappy teachers and ivory tower professors. Never students.

The tumblr education tag is no exception. There is not a single post written by a High School student.

Education is not about teachers. Education should not be dominated by teachers. Education is collaboration between students and teachers.

If we’re going to fix education, teachers, and tumblr editors, need to stop regarding high school students as subordinates who have to be controlled. We’re suffering in this system and we may know how to fix it.

Acknowledge that education is a collaboration. Acknowledge the failing system. Acknowledge that your job as a Teacher, with the invention of the web, is to inspire us to learn- not give us information.

We know how we learn. Let us learn. Let us be in this discussion.