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Why don't you ask your teachers or guidance counselor at your own school for help on your app. You shouldn't be going on Tumblr for help, you have resources at your own school


I  just had the best editing session I have ever had. And I am someone who obsessively asks for help. 

Maybe it was silly to ask on tumblr- but it churned amazing results and pushed me to a level I never would’ve reached alone.

In the end- I want a better paper. It doesn’t matter where I get help or who I get help from.

This is going to sound stupid- but I believe in fate. If I hadn’t written that post on education. If I hadn’t gotten hate mail- I never would’ve gotten Hithero’s follow. She never would’ve offered help and I never would’ve gotten this kick ass paper.

Hithero is a GREAT teacher and writer. You should all follow here. Now.

The lesson: endure hate mail. You’ll reap rewards :)

Teachers: Help?

I realize the last thing you want to do is proof a paper. However, I’m finishing up my cal state application and would love if someone could quickly proof my essay. 

Little known fact: i’m dyslexia. Writing, for me, is pretty difficult. Grammer and spelling- quite a challenge.

Send me your gmail- my email is and I’ll share it with you on google docs. You can leave comments directly on the paper.

Thanks Guys :)

This is also open to English majors and any other grammar nuts.

I’ll owe you a favor :)

List Of Students On Tumblr.

I want to commend the tumblr editors. Since I mentioned the lack of students in the #education tag- there has been an incredible upsweep of student involvement. 

GWLAP and PPT have done an excellent job building this tag. Adventures In Learning, more than any other editor, understands the need for student voices. His movement, imagining learning, is exactly what I advocated. It’s so good too know that there are people out there who are taking real world steps to amend this fault.

Hitherto , David, PPT and all the other educators who personally contacted me- thank you for listening.

If you’re not on this list: either re-blog or message me and I’ll edit you in. I may publish this list on my education blog just to make connections easier. If you would like your blog to be on this list- message me.

Eclectic Blogs That Publish Content From High Schoolers

1. How To Drop Out Of School: All content is written by high school students.

2. EdZedOmega: Very cool project.

High School Unschoolers/Homeschoolers Who Write About Education


A quick note to editors and students: More students contribute under the #homeschooling and #unschooling tag. Unschool students- tag your posts with #education.

Other Teens Who Write About Education


Students need to write more about education. Teachers need to direct more posts to students. The tag should be a place not only  for teachers to connect with teachers, but for students to connect with students. And, of course, for teachers and students to talk about fixing education.

Hitherto Unexplored.: On 'Student Voice':


There’s been a side-convo backlash against #education the last few days. About the teachers on #education not listening to student voices and being exclusive against student bloggers. Have you noticed?

I’ve started searching out a few students and trying to open a dialogue, because honestly, I…

 My video was simply a request to be in this discussion. I don’t believe I ever said anything negative towards teachers- I merely asked to be in this discussion. Unfortunately, this community didn’t have the same response. I have been bombarded with hate mail. I have been sworn at, spammed and personally attacked.  I wanted to be involved in this discussion. I wanted to be treated, not like an educator- but someone who has a voice. Instead I have been  called immature, ugly, stupid and unprofessional. 

I have called out tumblr editors.  I have critiqued societies view on educational discourse. I have never attacked teachers. Certainly not in the manner you described.

I want the education tag to be a place where teachers and students can have open discussions. I want to be able to ask teachers about textbook discrepancies  Hell, I want to know how to properly email a teacher and when to argue in class. I want to be a better student.

The network you’ve established is fantastic but incomplete. It needs STUDENTS! The tag should be a place for students to connect across the globe. It should be a place to talk about how to fix education. 

You pride the tag on the network it’s created. Why won’t you expand it? Why are students left out of this community?

And this isn’t entirely directed at you Hitherto- Thank you for making a respectful argument, your blog is fantastic :)


Do not pity the dead, pity the living, and above all those who respond “I don’t read,” to the question “What’s your favorite book?”

Get a life bitch, tumble is an outlet fuck u students, if you want to bitch about curriculum or some bs go ahead you don't need to be a part if a community that is filled with a whole side of education is. Just cuz ur family are teachers doesn't make u an expert on shit. Get through HS and experience life first before criticizing what someone is doing. U stuck up bitch.


I’ve been getting hate mail all day. Thought I’d post the nastiest for your enjoyment.

This is my personal favorite. 

My response to the criticism surrounding my last post "The Tumblr Education Tag Is A Symbol For Everything Wrong With Education". 

High School Students: submit, or write, a post and tag it under #education. What does your ideal school look like? How can we evaluate performance outside of GPAs? What makes a good teacher? What makes a bad teacher?

Let’s be in this discussion.

Hi there. As you might know, you sort of blew up the #education tag today. Hopefully you read through the notes and responses so that you can see the discussions regarding a topic you are apparently passionate in. As a contributor, I wanted to encourage you to post the type of things you want to see promoted. I'm glad you have an interest in education but hope that you do not brush with too broad a stroke. All teachers may not be what you think they are.

Wow. I just got online. 

I had no idea that post received that large of response. I will make a video, I speak faster than I write, responding to the criticism.

And for the record- that post did not hate on teachers. It was a plea to allow students to be involved in the discussion. I’m so sorry  you interpreted it that way.

The Tumblr Education Tag Is A Symbol For Everything Wrong With Education.

Teachers dominate education. Discussions about learning are left to school boards, goverment, unhappy teachers and ivory tower professors. Never students.

The tumblr education tag is no exception. There is not a single post written by a High School student.

Education is not about teachers. Education should not be dominated by teachers. Education is collaboration between students and teachers.

If we’re going to fix education, teachers, and tumblr editors, need to stop regarding high school students as subordinates who have to be controlled. We’re suffering in this system and we may know how to fix it.

Acknowledge that education is a collaboration. Acknowledge the failing system. Acknowledge that your job as a Teacher, with the invention of the web, is to inspire us to learn- not give us information.

We know how we learn. Let us learn. Let us be in this discussion. 

Did Anyone Eles Think Skyfall was Horrendous?

Did anyone eles think Skyfall was horrendous? The pathetic komodo dragon fight was embarrassing to watch. And why did Bond randomly give away four million euros? 

I’m sick of people gushing over this film. I’m sick of watching villans fueled by a weak,  conventional agenda. I’m sick of the film industry throwing millions on to a screen without scraping originality. 

Plot comes first. I’m not going to sit through a slew of british country shots, although they were stunning, without having some theme or story to spin me to enjoyment. Why do studios invest so much money in artistic direction, which again was beautiful, and not put any originality, or even consistency, into the plot? 

And what was with that weird prostitute girl? That never went anywhere. I get that she led to Silva, but why the lengthy, poorly acted, bar scene conversation ? And what was that uneven cut leading to that scorpion-stare down? Messy, messy, messy.

I will say, from an artistic standpoint, it felt uneasily modern. The fashion, for me, held our era .It romanticized the modern world. I was drooling for travel after that film. I craved opulent cities and buildings with translucent walls. 

But if I wanted to view opulence floating on the other side of the globe, I would turn to the  travel channel. Cinema is meant to hold the characteristics of narrative on top of photography. For me, as a book worm, the narrative comes first. This should be the defining feature of a film. Not worldly shots.

The new Bond films take themselves too seriously. I miss Sean Connery.

What did you guys think? Has anyone read the books? Do the books make the film bearable?